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New and Improved Avemar® Now Available

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American BioSciences Inc., exclusive U.S. distributor of Avemar® Fermented Wheat Germ Extract, has been granted the license to manufacture Avemar® in the United States by its inventor and patent holder, Dr Mate Hidvégi. Utilizing new manufacturing technology, which more precisely controls processing time and temperatures, Dr. Hidvégi supervised the production of a new and improved wheat germ extract for American BioSciences, called AvéULTRA. The result is a superior product with superior results.

Extensive independent scientific evaluations confirm that this new manufacturing technique produces a better product as compared to the original version of Avemar®. These techniques have been verified by multiple scientific evaluations and they include:

  • HPLC (high pressure liquid chromatography) and MS (mass spectrometry) analyses show the two products have similar “chemical finger prints,” and biological assays show superior results for the American BioSciences product.

  • In vitro (cell line assays) conducted at Georgetown University, Washington, DC and the Medical University of Vienna, Austria, showed that on all cell lines studied, the American BioSciences product was significantly more effective than the original Avemar®.

  • In vivo research conducted at the National Institute of Oncology in Budapest, Hungary, the American BioSciences product resulted in significantly superior results.

(This data is being prepared for publication in a peer-reviewed medical journal.)

According to Dr. Hidvégi, these outstanding results would be expected, since fermented wheat germ extract contains several heat-sensitive compounds which are better preserved by the low temperature technology of the American BioSciences’ manufacturing process.

American BioSciences shares the desire and commitment of Dr. Hidvégi to provide the most effective fermented wheat germ extract that will help people in need all over the world.

Even though other manufacturers of less effective versions of fermented wheat germ extracts continue to spread false statements regarding potency and even claims of inventorship, American BioSciences and Dr Hidvégi are moving forward to present this new and improved formula to doctors and people nationwide in an effort to eventually help people all over the world.

Consumers and physicians who have questions relating to the new AveULTRA are invited to contact, American BioSciences president, David Wales directly at 888-884-7770, or email, dwales@americanbiosciences.co





























Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgi

Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgyi, received the Nobel Prize in 1937 for his discovery of Vitamin C and the life-sustaining processes of cell metabolism. In search of other discoveries, Dr. Szent Gyorgyi theorized that methoxy-subsituted benzoquinones, better known as DMBQ’s, play an essential role in regulating and fine tuning glucose metabolism. Although this theory was brilliant, it almost died with him in October of 1986. Read more...

Inspired by Szent Gyorgyi’s theory, Dr. Mate Hidvégi continued to explore the DMBQ hypothesis and made this his life’s work. By 1998, Hidvégi completed this work and developed a patented process to create FWGE, a fermented wheat germ extract called Avemar®. Hidvégi’s patented discovery was scientifically proven to regulate & finetune glucose metabolism at the cellular level, thus benefitting the health of people worldwide. Read more...

Dr. Mate Hidvegi
Dr. Mate Hidvégi