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Dr. Mate Hidvégi
Dr. Mate Hidvegi

Discovered and Patented Avemar®

Dr. Mate Hidvégi, was born in Budapest, Hungary on November 9, 1955. He studied, then taught at what is now Budapest University of Technology and Economics.

In Hungary, Hidvégi was one of the pioneers in the development of technologies of mass-production of instantized herbal extracts for therapeutic use. Between 1988-1990 Hidvégi was Post-Doctoral Fellow at the Grain Research Laboratory of the Canadian Grain Commission, Winnipeg, Canada.

Returning to Hungary in 1990, Hidvégi started to work for enterprises in the natural medicine industry. In 1996, Hidvégi was co-founder of Biromedicina. Hidvégi holds a PhD and a Dr. Habil in chemistry and honorary professorship at the Jewish University, Budapest. For his academic works, he received the Gold Medal of the President of Hungary (2000), the Scheiber Prize of the Minister of Culture and Education, Hungary (2001), The NutrAward in the USA (2006) and the Jedlik Prize of the Hungarian Patent Office (2007).

In 1990, Hidvégi was inspired by another Hungarian scientist’s theory about the role of methoxy substituted benzoquinones (DMBQ’s) in regulating and fine tuning glucose metabolism at the cellular level. He saw great promise in this theory and decided to devote his life’s work to researching it. With a team of scientists, he worked feverishly to unlock this truth and by 1998, he made, what the world would soon come to know, one of the finest discoveries of all time. He developed a patented process of fermenting wheat germ with baker’s yeast, yielding a powerful extract called FWGE (fermented wheat germ extract). U.S. Patent # 6,355,474. This concentrated extract is called Avemar®. Avemar® is now one of the most well-researched natural substances with more than 100 studies described in over 20 peer-reviewed medical journals. In the United States, Avemar® is marketed under the brand name of AvéULTRA from American BioSciences.

Today, Dr. Mate Hidvégi, continues to be a science-driven researcher dedicated to helping people overcome serious health challenges.

For more about Mate Hidvégi visit: www.mateHidvégi.com

*Intellectual property disclaimer:
All patents that cover Fermented Wheat Germ Extract belong to Dr. Mate Hidvégi both as inventor and owner. Dr. Mate Hidvégi has a full-decision majority (55%) in patents of the first generation of the Fermented Wheat Germ Extract, while he owns an absolute majority in the new generation of products, AvéULTRA. American BioSciences Inc. is an official and approved manufacurer of Dr. Mate Hidvégi’s patented products. The word “Avemar®” is a registered trademark of Birochem Kft.



























Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi
Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgi

Dr. Albert Szent Gyorgyi, received the Nobel Prize in 1937 for his discovery of Vitamin C and the life-sustaining processes of cell metabolism. In search of other discoveries, Dr. Szent Gyorgyi theorized that methoxy-subsituted benzoquinones, better known as DMBQ’s, play an essential role in regulating and fine tuning glucose metabolism. Although this theory was brilliant, it almost died with him in October of 1986. Read more...

Inspired by Szent Gyorgyi’s theory, Dr. Mate Hidvégi continued to explore the DMBQ hypothesis and made this his life’s work. By 1998, Hidvégi completed this work and developed a patented process to create FWGE, a fermented wheat germ extract called Avemar®. Hidvégi’s patented discovery was scientifically proven to regulate & finetune glucose metabolism at the cellular level, thus benefitting the health of people worldwide. Read more...

Dr. Mate Hidvegi
Dr. Mate Hidvégi